Helping you and your loved one through  the arduous task of finding a suitable affordable and acceptable new home, these Partnered Solicitors show professionalism,  care and empathy for the transition........

Introducing our Business Partners

McLaughlin & Associates Lawyers is one of the longest established legal firms in the Logan City area.

We are a “one stop legal shop”. Because we are a big small firm we have the expertise across a broad range of legal areas.

We have specialists in wills, estates, elder and retirement law.

Tanya Chapman is a solicitor specialising in Wills, Estates and Elder Law, and is able to provide experience, advice and representation. 

Tanya is dedicated to ensuring that older Australians receive the expert advice they need to plan for retirement, protect their financial and legal interests and have a Will that accurately reflects their testamentary wishes.  

Available in Newcastle, Central Coast or Sydney office.

Lifestages Legal is a firm dedicated to helping people with their legal matters throughout their lives.

As many people know, the cost of legal issues only gets higher if you do not plan and set things up correctly from the beginning. By partnering with people throughout their lives Lifestages Legal can assist with matters in a timely manner before things become critical. We do this because we enjoy helping people and love hearing about our clients’ plans and progress through life.

We have experience in wills, elder law and estate planning to assist you at any stage of life. Please feel free to contact us.”

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