Introducing the 2 x Karen's

Want to know who is behind Kx2? Meet the two Karen's who are here to simplify decisions for you....taking emotions out and bringing peace of mind in.

If you're looking for someone who cares and has years of knowledge and experience..... you've found us, two of us!

Karen Keynes CA

Karen Keynes (KK) is a qualified Chartered Accountant with 30 + years experience working in business.

KK's career has been based around her passion to help businesses streamline their processes through the use of innovative systems and modernised thinking.  KK loves working with teams of people to collaborate, educate and achieve amazing outcomes - her eye is in the detail as she's kind of a data geek.

Karen Taylor BBA

Karen Taylor (KT) is a qualified  Business Management expert with 30+ years experience.

KT  has run her own businesses, worked for not for profit and corporate  organisations and has always had a soft spot helping SME's, NDIS providers, sole traders and start-ups shine; KT's wealth of experience, knowledge and ability to see the big picture are all part of what makes her special.  

KK's Why.....

When you find another person who has the same values and desire to help others, the why is easy.  I wanted to use my skills and experience to do more than just crunch numbers....not your typical bean counter!

Having both gravitated towards improving/developing/implementing systems throughout our careers, coming together with KT (who's fun, a little bit crazy, hugely caring, super smart, has amazing emotional intelligence and adds a different perspective to my thoughts and interpretation of things) to support businesses needing help with this just made sense.

Together we create a refreshing energy through a unique, fun working environment where we make people smile......and I love that!🌻

We also both feel very strongly about our passion piece of the business, the SALT Directory. It allows others to now easily find the support they need when on the journey to transition themselves or a loved one to retirement village & aged care living arrangements.

Why the SALT Directory......Well there's a story in that....

It happened suddenly and without warning. My happy, caring, independent, public transport riding Mum with mild Parkinson’s experienced a significant shift in her disease with the non-motor symptoms of anxiety and depression taking hold out of nowhere.

After a month of hospitals and specialists, Mum was able to successfully return to her home, a unit accessed by two flights of stairs. However, in the following 6 months, it became apparent this had to change.

Here was the beginning of my journey into the unknown world of retirement villages and aged care facilities. Thankfully I was guided towards amazing professionals and businesses who provided support in things like locating accommodation options, legal advice, decluttering and sale of properties.

At what was an extremely emotional and vulnerable time, I very much appreciated and relied on the support of the professionals and specialists around me who helped guide us.  And even moreso, I was fortunate enough to have the support, friendship and care from KT, who watched it all unfold.🌻

KT''s Why.....

If I can help lessen your burden by nutting out a few details streamlining and simplifying them, then I am all for that, and that is what made me want to start Kx2 Management Group - utilizing decades of experience in Business Management, Finances and Administration to provide a service-based business.

The reason I joined forces with my friend Karen Keynes was due to our core values and appreciation of each other's skillsets. We get to provide a working environment for others to promote unity inclusivity and recognition. I thrive and it excites me when I can provide this type of working environment for my staff. Plus allowing us to give back and reinvest our money into our passion piece, SALT directory. Bringing the 2 worlds together for me is the ideal client.

The initial conversations about what we would do (which was walking dogs for others - Lucky that evolved to what we have today lol :)) began when I watched KK go through the arduous and emotional task of transitioning her mother from independent living to a retirement village, and then serviced accommodation with full care, I realized that everyone who is dealing with a similar transition, face such adversity. It's the generation we are and the world we live in. I too am going to be faced with this situation over the coming decade.

As we navigate being people, daughters, mothers friends and colleagues it seems there are a lot of moving parts to any business and working environment. I am just so blessed that I get to call work, as hanging with my friend every day making others lives better and easier....... I genuinely feel such warmth, joy and personal satisfaction when I get to help people .